J. DeBerry, MD

Comprehensive Radiologist

Jason W. DeBerry, MD

Comprehensive Radiologist and Health IT Consultant

  • Practicing +9 years
  • Primary Institution WVU Medicine - United Hospital Center
  • Address 327 Medical Park Drive, Bridgeport, WV
  • Radiology Group Radiological Physician Associates, Inc.
  • Address 700 Village Drive, Fairmont, WV 26554
  • E-mail jason deberrymd.com
  • Business Hours 8 AM - 5 PM Mon - Fri

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Dr. DeBerry is a comprehensive radiologist with fellowship training in Diagnostic and Interventional Breast Radiology. He has completed radiology residency and fellowship training at the University of Virginia. Dr. DeBerry has interests in healthcare and imaging informatics and is a Certified Imaging Informatics Professional. He serves as CMIO for Radiological Physician Associates, CIO for the Elizabeth and Claire LaPlante Foundation, and as an IT consultant. He enjoys designing efficient workflows, building services, and improving patient outcomes through technology. He has served on several healthcare and informatics related committees.

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Work Experience

9 / 2019 - Present

Chief Medical Informatics Officer

Radiological Physician Associates, Inc.

7/2020 - Present

Chief of Breast Imaging

Radiological Physician Associates, Inc.

7 / 2018 - Present

Comprehensive Radiologist

Radiological Physician Associates, Inc.

Private practice group covering 15 hospitals in north central WV.

7/2020 - Present

Chief Information Officer

Elizabeth and Claire LaPlante Foundation, Inc.

12/ 2015 – 10/ 2017

IT Consultant

MU Dept. of Radiology

Led the deployment of an intelligent radiologist worklist (Conserus) and imaging protocol standardization. Assisted in deploying McKesson PACS

2008 – 2009

Biology Lab Technician

WVU Dept. of Biology

Assisted the principal investigator in experimental research analysis, lab management, and research laboratory maintenance

2003 – 2006

Software Engineering Intern

ProLogic, Inc.

Developed software to augment existing products for Department of Defense contracts using Java, C++, and .NET programming languages

Tested software and researched software tools


7/ 2017 – 6/ 2018

Breast Imaging Fellowship

University of Virginia

1/ 2017 – 6/ 2017

Six Month MSK Mini-Fellowship

University of Virginia

7/ 2013 – 6/ 2017

Radiology Residency & 6 mo. MSK Mini-fellowship

University of California at San Diego, San Diego, CA

7/ 2012 – 6/ 2013


West Virginia University

2008 – 2012

Doctor of Medicine

West Virginia University

2003 – 2008

Bachelor of Science (Biology), Cum Laude

West Virginia University

2003 – 2008

Bachelor of Arts (Chemistry), Cum Laude

West Virginia University

2003 – 2008

Bachelor of Arts (Biochemistry), Cum Laude

West Virginia University




practicing medicine






higher education


Diagnostic Imaging

MRI, CT, US, PET-CT, NM, XR, Mammo 2D/3D, ABUS

Comprehensive interpretation of radiological imaging.

Interventional Radiology

Biopsies, Radioseed placement, Drains, Vascular Access

Light interventional radiology procedures.


Health IT, General IT, Diagnostic Imaging, Workflow design, product testing

Bold and creative thinking for healthcare and radiology IT and products.

Professional Memberships

American Medical Informatics Association

2021 – Present

Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine

2016 – Present

American College of Radiology

2013 – Present

Radiological Society of North America

2009 – Present

Society of Breast Imaging

2016 – Present

American Roentgen Ray Society

2013 – Present

Albemarle County Medical Society

2013 – 2017

Medical Society of Virginia

2013 – 2017

Sigma Xi associate


Additional Information


    Certified Imaging Informatics Professional

    2021 – Present

    Board Certification – American Board of Radiology

    2018 – Present

    Virginia Board of Medicine, License

    2016 – Present

    American Board of Radiology, Board Eligible

    2016 – Present

    USMLE Step 1, 2 CS/CK, and 3, Passed

    2010, 2011, 2013


    2008 – Present


    Sponsor, Bronze level, United Hospital Center 2021 Holly Ball, Bridgeport, WV

    2/ 2021

    Panel Member, Breast Biopsy Devices and Markers for Enterprise, WVU-Medicine-UHC, Bridgeport, WV

    2/ 2020 – Present

    Lead Interpreting Physician – Mammo, Mon Health, Fairmont, WV

    11/ 2020 – Present

    Developer, RPAradiology.com – Radiological Physician Associates, Inc.

    10/ 2020

    Developer, LaPlanteFoundation.com – Elizabeth & Claire LaPlante Foundation.

    9/ 2020

    Director, Sonography Study Group, UHC, WVU Medicine, Bridgeport, WV.

    9/ 2020 – Present

    Developer, ClaireLaPlante.com – The Claire M. LaPlante Engineering Scholarship

    7/ 2020

    Contributor, Intelerad User Experience Team for Enhanced Viewer

    7/ 2020 – Present

    Advisor, Breast Imaging Care Paths for High-risk Women in Epic EHR

    5/ 2020 – 9/2020

    Sponsor, Emerald level, United Hospital Center 2020 Holly Ball, Bridgeport, WV

    2/ 2020

    Member, Steering Committee for Epic Breast Imaging, Madison, Wisconsin

    1/ 2020 – Present

    Member, Radiology User Council, WVU Medicine, Morgantown, WV

    12/ 2019 – Present

    Superuser, iCAD Profound AI

    9/ 2019 – Present

    Member, Cancer Committee, United Hospital Center, WVU Medicine, Bridgeport, WV

    10/ 2019 – Present

    Peer Selected Resident for the ACGME Clinical Learning Environment Site Review

    2/ 2017

    Member, Radiology and Referring Physician Tele-Consultation committee, UVA

    11/ 2016 – Present

    Member, Imaging Contrast Clinical Decision Support committee, UVA

    10/ 2016 – Present

    Member, Service Integration task force, IT subcommittee, UVA Department of Radiology

    9/ 2016 – Present

    Member, task force for UVA Department of Radiology 24/7 attending coverage

    6/ 2016 – 9/ 2016

    Member, steering committee for UVA Department of Radiology Intranet

    1/ 2016 – 6/ 2017

    Member, steering committee for UVA / Merge Healthcare (IBM-Watson) partnership

    4/ 2016 – 6/ 2017

    Reviewer, UVAHealth.com, Imaging and Radiology Section

    5/ 2016

    Member, Advisory Committee of the Intercollegiate Undergraduate Program in Biochemistry. WVU Department of Biochemistry

    2/ 2016 – Present

    Graphic Designer, graphics used for the Fleischner Society website

    12/ 2015

    Assistant, Taught thoracic radiology to second year medical students. UVA

    9/ 2015

    Administrator and Developer, UVARadEd.com. Radiology education portal for residents. Temporary username and password available upon request

    2015 – Present

    Informatics Officer, UVA Radiology Residency

    2015 – Present

    Member, UVA Department of Radiology IT Steering Committee

    2015 – 2016

    Member, ad hoc committee for study reporting solution for UVA Radiology Dept.


    Administrator and Developer, UVA Links web site for commonly used radiology and department resources


    Developer, One click method for quickly restarting EHR/PACS after



    Administrator, ChestCases.com. Web based teaching file using Wiki for UVA Thoracic Radiology Section

    2014 – 2015

    Member, ad hoc committee for developing and maintaining Resident Procedure Dashboard. Project for documenting radiology resident procedures / studies

    2014 – 6/ 2017

    Superuser, QPID Health (qpidhealth.com). UVA implementation of EHR clinical dashboard


    Implementer, audience response system (TurningPoint) into radiology didactics


    Voting Member, WVU SoM Admissions Committee

    2011 – 2012


    First Place, Scientific award for poster1 at SIIM Annual Meeting

    6/ 2017

    Resident of the Month – WVU Internal Medicine. First non-medicine resident to receive award

    9/ 2012

    Honors for Obstetrics and Gynecology Clerkship


    Honors for Surgery Clerkship Honors for Pediatrics Clerkship


    Honors for Family Medicine Clerkship


    Outstanding Medical Student for Obstetrics and Gynecology Clerkship Award


    Honors in Physical Diagnosis and Clinical Integration I


    University Honors Scholar, WVU


    Grant Recipient: Sigma Xi Grants-In-Aid of Research


    USAF ROTC Arnold Air Society Member



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    21. Snyder AK, DeBerry JW, Runyen-Janecky L and Rio RVM. 2010. Nutrient provisioning facilitates homeostasis between tsetse fly (Diptera: Glossinidae) symbionts. Proc. R. Soc. B. 277:2389-2397.

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Dr. DeBerry enjoys learning about technology and its application to health and entertainment. Always finding the best life hacks to increase efficiency and decrease notification and distraction fatigue.

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